Import and Export

Tag export


jrnl --tags

you'll get a list of all tags you used in your journal, sorted by most frequent. Tags occurring several times in the same entry are only counted as one.

List of all entries

jrnl --short

Will only display the date and title of each entry.

JSON export

Can do

jrnl --export json

Why not create a beautiful timeline of your journal?

Markdown export


jrnl --export markdown

Markdown is a simple markup language that is human readable and can be used to be rendered to other formats (html, pdf). This README for example is formatted in markdown and github makes it look nice.

Text export

jrnl --export text

Pretty-prints your entire journal.

Export to files

You can specify the output file of your exported journal using the -o argument

jrnl --export md -o

The above command will generate a file named If the-o argument is a directory, jrnl will export each entry into an individual file

jrnl --export json -o my_entries/

The contents of my\_entries/ will then look like this:

|- 2013_06_03_a-beautiful-day.json
|- 2013_06_07_dinner-with-gabriel.json
|- ...