Command-Line Interface

jrnl is a simple but powerful plain text journal application for the command line. Everything happens on the command line.


jrnl stores your journals as human-readable, future-proof plain text files. You can store them wherever you want, including in shared folders to keep them synchronized between devices. And because journal files are stored as plain text, you can rest assured that your journals will be readable for centuries.

Support for Multiple Journals

jrnl allows you to work with multiple journals, each of which is stored as a single file using date and time tags to identify individual entries. jrnl makes it easy to find the entries you want, and only the ones you want, so that you can read them or edit them.

Support for External Editors

jrnl allows you to search for specific entries and edit them in your favorite text editor.


jrnl includes support for 256-bit AES encryption using cryptography.io.

Multi-Platform Support

jrnl is compatible with most operating systems. Pre-compiled binaries are available through several distribution channels, and you can build from source. See the installation page for more information.


jrnl is written in Python and maintained by a friendly community of open-source software enthusiasts.